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Monthly Archives: June, 2013

Confessions of an Underperforming Energy Geek

Recent Brendle Group blogs about human-building interaction and technologies for enhancing this important relationship has me particularly focused on my own behavior in my own building (my home), especially as … Continue reading

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Performance Management

When it comes to sustainability management and planning – or any strategic management and planning endeavor – measuring performance serves vital functions, signaling whether or not a plan or strategy … Continue reading

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In the Summer, In the Mountains

While it has been a chilly and rainy start to the summer season in Montana, my mind has not been deterred from thoughts of backpacking through wilderness areas, fishing trout-filled … Continue reading

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School Siting, Communities, and Sustainability

For several years Brendle Group has supported K-12 school districts in their sustainability efforts, from developing sustainable design guidelines for new schools to comprehensive and district-wide sustainability management plans. Rarely, … Continue reading

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