Water Goals

By 2016, we will:

  • Reduce total water use by 50 percent below a defined 2011 baseline

  • Reduce stormwater impact from our site by 50 percent, measured using the Net Zero Water Planning Toolkit

Next Steps for Water

  1. Participate in the CoCoRaHS volunteer precipitation tracking network (Spring 2015)
  2. Evaluate options for improving/upgrading our irrigation control system (Spring 2015)
  3. Explore options for graywater reuse, such as restroom tap-to-toilet retrofits (Summer 2015)
  4. Integrate water use (indoor and outdoor) into the building's in-lobby display (Summer 2015)
  5. Install educational signage for existing rain gardens and develop implementation plan for 2016 stormwater management projects (Summer/Fall 2015)
  6. Continue to monitor legislation around rainwater harvesting and look for opportunities to engage when possible (Ongoing)
  7. Improve water conservation employee engagement and education programs to further reduce indoor water use (ongoing)

Tracking Our Sustainability Performance


In 2015, Brendle Group reduced our water use by nearly 50% compared to baseline usage in 2011. Indoor water use in Fort Collins has remained relatively constant at approximately 1,100 gallons per full time employee equivalent since 2012. Outdoor water use has been reduced by 60% since 2011, primarily due to the establishment of xeriscape landscaping - it requires significantly less irrigation water once it has matured. After our experience in 2014 with an irrigation leak, we make sure to pay attention to notices from the City regarding spikes in water use to detect leaks and make sure our irrigation system functions properly.

In 2016, we plan to update our five-year sustainability management system. For water, this means updating our implementation plan using the Net Zero Water toolkit and making sure we are on track to be Net Zero by 2020.

Brendle Group shared a water meter with other tenants in our old office through 2010 and we were unable to isolate our use.

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