1. Provide financial and pro bono support to local non-profit organizations aligned with our mission.
  2. Offer professional mentoring to students and others looking to enter the realm of sustainability.
  3. Showcase our building to communicate to our clients, partners, and community what is possible through ongoing improvements to building performance and occupant engagement, which necessarily includes attention to technological advances and positive behaviors that affect out operations and our building.
  4. Volunteer as a company and individually for meaningful efforts and organizations that align with our mission (two company efforts per year).
  5. Enhance office wellness through ergonomic analysis, no-cost health screenings, healthy food options, innovative meeting forums, etc.
  6. Encourage professional development and personal growth in ways that are meaningful to our staff members.
  7. Organize and support fun opportunities to be healthy, enjoy work, and learn from one another.

Tracking Our Sustainability Performance


Brendle Group embodies the social aspects of sustainability in the services we offer our clients, how we operate as a business, and as members of our communities. Our purpose is to use our talents to create lasting impacts that sustain and inspire the communities in which we live and work as well as the larger world. Our objective is to embody this purpose in how we do our work, how we live in our communities, and how we support one another.

In 2015, our staff members served on local boards, including:

  • Clean Energy Education & Empowerment (C3E)
  • Trees, Water, People
  • Colorado WaterWise
  • Colorado State university's Energy Institute External Advisory Board
  • Fort Collins Art in Public Places

In addition, our staff volunteered to speak to students and industry professionals in our region and continued to mentor those interested in sustainability. This mentoring also involves offering internship opportunities to college students. As a company volunteer activity, we also helped last summer on a Habitat for Humanity build in Fort Collins and financially supported the building materials for the build day.

As we look ahead to 2016 and 2017, our team will identify opportunities beyond our walls to support our communities including hosting blood donation drives and continuing to provide grants and in-kind donations of staff time. We also will continue to support our staff with access to health care, flexible work hours and teleworking options, encouragement in personal and professional development, and a professional environment that values wellness and a healthy work-life balance. To those ends, last year we offered ergonomic screenings of each employee’s workspace and purchased items such as footrests and monitor stands to support a more ergonomically correct workstation. Furthermore, we began purchasing and deploying standing desks for those who were interested in having them and we will continue to deploy more in 2016.