A Message from Brendle Group

Our Sustainability Report for 2013

For the last six years we have shared Brendle Group’s progress toward sustainability with our friends, colleagues, and other interested parties through our annual sustainability reports. Our updates document our annual performance to our Sustainability Management System (SMS) using a web-based platform that allows us to share our progress in a dynamic fashion.

On the webpage links to your right, you will find a summary of our progress during 2013 for each aspect of our SMS, as well as detailed tracking and trending for various sustainability performance metrics. As is the case with the sustainability efforts of many companies and organizations, we celebrate our successes while also acknowledging where there is room for improvement.

Last year, 2013, was our third full year in our new building, and it has continued to provide a test bed and showcase for sustainability. For 2014 we’ll continue to monitor progress and take action, focusing on those areas where our performance can improve, as well as push ourselves to new performance levels in areas where we’ve already met goals from our SMS. For example, in 2014 we’ll continue to examine what it takes to make our building a net-zero energy facility.